Copy Converter Add-In for SharePoint 2013

Copy and paste list items/documents in 2 clicks

Convert between different content types

Cross list/web functionality

User dependent functionality


SharePoint users often face a situation in which they need to copy some data between different locations. Also they may want to create not the exact copy of data, but with small changes, e.g. create a copy of an item and change only Title field. When there are many items, the process can take a long time and sometimes be boring. Solinid Copy Converter allows to automate these kind of processes and, thus, saves your time.

How it works

  1. Add the app to every SharePoint site where you want to get it worked. It will create two types of custom actions in all your site lists/libraries. One will be located in item/document menu actions and the other in list/library ribbon menu.
  2. Choose the item/document, open its menu actions and click on Copy or Convert. You will see a dialog which will close automatically after copy process is finished.
  3. Go to any list/library within your site collection where you want to paste the item and find Convert or Paste ribbon button.
  4. After clicking the button a dialog will open. On the left side you can see the source item with its field values and on the right side the new item which should be created after you set its field values. From drop down menu Content Type select some one to set the new item's content type (all the available CTs of the destination list/library are listed). The list of fields will be refreshed after selection.
  5. Every field of the New Item can be mapped to any field of the same type from Source Item. E.g. if the destination field Start Date is mapped to the Due Date of the source item, then the new item's Start Date will be set with the value of source item's Due Date field. Also there is an Other drop down value, which means the value will be set manually in the edit form after pasting.
  6. So after clicking Paste button you will see the list/library view with a new item added, or you will be transferred to the edit form of the new item to set missing values.
  7. Done. It is simple, isn't it?